Hola, I'm Carolina,
your next Digital Web Designer

I design responsive websites, emails, landing pages and banners.
I design them and code them.

Carolina Soto Pik portrait mini
Carolina Soto Pik portrait big

I'm a digital designer with front end skills, experienced in using Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and Flash. I am also skilled in HTML5 and CSS3 and got experience using responsive frameworks such as Foundation, Bootstrap and Cool-kitten.

I've had the great opportunity of working in several London agencies including the BBC and Gamesys.
I like fun projects, I like fun people.
I love composition, typography, colors and beautiful layouts.
I love my antique engagement ring and I love coffee, unfortunately gives me head aches... so instead, I drink mate.
I love playing with words, being my favourite "Tomorning.
I was born in Chile and grew up in Argentina, making me an ArgenChilean.

drinking mate planter zebra

Investigating and using different disciplines to get inspired is something I also enjoy, hence, the laser cutting machine from my friend Baha comes handy. So far I created a siamese zebra and a retro look plant container.


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